Monday, September 6, 2010

Picture Matting Tip of the Month

Professionals attach their artwork or photos to the back of the mat – or to a backing board.  However, when using tape – they only tape the artwork to board at the top – often called “hinging”.

Why is this done?  Why not just secure the artwork all around to the board – would that not be more secure?

Beside the fact that the hinging tape or acid-free tape used to attach the art to the mat or board is made for that purpose and both strong and not susceptible to drying out – by hinging only the top of the artwork or photo you allow the paper to expand or contract in response to changes in temperature and humidity. 

If the paper was restricted from expanding or contracting as needed – such as would be the case if taped all the way around – it would be forced to bubble or curl which is not only unsightly and unprofessional but can cause the artwork to come in contact with the glass in a frame – causing permanent damage to the work.

So “Hinge” your artwork at the top and let the rest float free – your matting tip of the month!

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