Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Everyone is looking for an economical way of presenting your art or photos in a professional manner and many of the on-line art supply wholesalers have answered the call.

In most cases they have taken the most common sizes of regular and digital artwork and provided pre-cut mats in the common black and white combinations that suit those sizes including cutting the openings in the mats for the most common uses.

Then they have provided those mats in single or double with options like regular matboard, conservation quality or 8-ply conservation board.Some also include those add-ons that you need such as backing boards, crystal clear poly bags and even acid-free tape and dispensers.

The result is an incredible saving over buying the components separately – yet sacrificing nothing in the area of professionalism and presentation.

One of the simplest and yet most professional looks is the simple single white or black mat over your work - placed on a clean white backing board and presented in a clear poly sleeve that can be sealed and then opened and re-sealed as necessary if you need to remove the artwork to show or even to autograph for your buyer.  Better yet if the final size is standard making it easier for your purchaser to locate and add on a frame of their choice from either an on-line supplier, art supply, frameshop or department store.

Present your work elegantly, yet simply and cost effectively.  Some samples of packages like this can be seen at

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