Sunday, July 11, 2010


One of the ways to spice up a matted picture of either an event, family photo, achievement or keepsake – is to create a special opening in the mat you put around your photo or artwork.

This additional “Opening” can be a small round opening to hold a coin or medal, a rectangular or other shaped opening to hold a small object or simply a printed text, logo or graphic that somehow ties into what you are showing in the primary window of your mat.

The simplest example is the “message box” – a square or rectangular opening cut below the main window in which a graphic or text describes or creates a caption for the content above.

Another great idea is to cut a special graphic into the mat to highlight a season, holiday or unique purpose such as a sport or musical award.

Other options include creating inserting a corporate logo, the name of an award recipient, the title of your advertising campaign and so on.

The options are as varied as your ideas – but this can be a simple way to enhance your presentation

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