Monday, April 7, 2008

Art Reproduction Market - 2008

Are you wondering what type of market there will be for art reproductions this year? Well you are not alone - it seems that every publisher, distributor and artist producing prints or other reproductions has a concern about where the market is headed this year.

With recession looming in many of the United States and in Eastern Canada, the mortgage and credit crisis and reduced housing starts across North America - many of the new markets are indeed drying up and wholesalers of art are feeling the pinch.

Add to that the inexpensive (make that cheap) art being imported from other parts of the world and sold through the big box stores and it becomes hard for many to remain positive.

There are a few bright spots though - and it will encourage artists and boutique publishers. The buyers are still out there - but they are looking for that magic formula.

Quality - Price - Service. This three-legged stool of commerce has been around forever and is extremely difficult for a company to provide in a competitive environment. If you have good quality - then your price is often too high. If your price is low - then both quality and service may suffer. Great service and low prices will not ensure success if the long-term product quality is not there.

It is far easier for a small company or an individual artist to provide all three. Here small is better! You can ensure that quality is provided - price fairly because overhead is low, and provide service because you care!

Keep these three in balance and the buyers will knock on your door and come back again!

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