Sunday, April 20, 2008


With today’s technology there is no longer a need for “reproduction glut”. I believe that one of the things that will set apart the western world’s art market will be our use of technology to reduce the glut of paper and terrible use of resources that has been the norm in this market.

More is no longer better. The resources are out there for fine artists who wish to reproduce their work to do so in a controlled and quality manner using top quality, archival materials and sustainable processes. These processes are also available to publishers and distributors. The key now is education for both the artist and publisher and the art buyer.

Will prices go up? Probably! However the value in prices increasing is that it will reduce the amount of work on the market that is not up to standard and not work that is in demand. Yet it will still allow for niche markets and specialty reproductions.

To speak practically – if you are an artist with a following for your work and cannot produce originals fast enough or your prices have put you out of reach of many of your buyers – then reproductions of your work may be a natural outgrowth of that circumstance. You may decide on a run of giclee prints or some note cards. In either case, the past temptation has been to find a printer and get the “best price”. Traditionally this has meant that the “more you print – the lower the price”. This is strictly due to the cost of preparation for printing using many of the traditional print methods such as offset.

There is still a cost of preparation for any reproduction and that needs to be considered. However the barrier to entry in this field is now much more accessible due to the new printing methods available from digital and on-demand print houses.

An artist could conceivably have 5 prints made that are top quality and can sell at market rates with good profit to the artist on those first 5 prints – and not break the bank getting them done.

There is lots of info available on this subject on line and you can find some of it right here at MatShop.

Image courtesy of Mark Hobson and Island Art Publishers - All Rights Reserved

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Thanks Myron for the website for MatShop! They seem to have FANTASTIC prices and a wide range of products to offer! I think I may start reproducing and selling a few pieces in the very near future thanks to this budget friendly advice.

Myron D. Arndt said...

Thanks Kelly,
Glad you are able to use it!