Saturday, November 24, 2007

'Tis the Season

Thanksgiving weekend in the US brings on an intense shopping season across America and artwork is no exception with artists being represented and promoted in galleries, studio shows, tours, craft expositions and shopping mall displays.
Many of these semi-professional and professional artists are realizing the need for reproductions to supplement their original work and opt for art cards, posters and giclees as some of the many forms of reproduction available.
However here is where presentation becomes important. Whatever your take on framing - there is no question that proper presentation of an artists work - even to the presentation of a small framed card - can increase sales. Many artists cut their own mats and assemble pre-made frames but this is time consuming, costly, and you can't be an expert at everything. As a result many professionals are turning to volume manufacturers who specialize in selling to artists, photographers and crafts people, to purchase quality framing supplies and materials at below wholesale prices. This allows them to apply a good markup to the framing portion of their work as well as the work itself.
One tool to help you make decisions that is very popular on-line is the "Matomatic" tool provided by Of course they will sell you the mats, frames and supplies you need to complete the project you have created. You can upload your own images and add mats, frames etc and see how it looks on-line - then order those materials. Look it up at and select the "Matomatic" from the side navigation bar.
Another great way to help boost your income at this busy time of year. For framing talk and tips also visit The V-Groove. Have a great start to the Holiday Season!

Artwork courtesy of Patricia D Arndt

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