Saturday, November 17, 2007

San Francisco Inspiration

Well blogging took a back seat last week to a trek to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. While business was the motivator for the trip, we took some time to visit some of the great galleries and of course the sites and sounds of the city.
San Francisco is an inspirational city from the people, architecture, cable cars, and of course the galleries. While many galleries cater to the standard fare, there are new artists entering the scene and finding a niche. Sculpture, fabric and computer generated art are all to be found. Also easily found are the many forms of giclee prints with varying prices to match. One thing that causes me some thought is the practice of many artists to embellish or completely over paint their giclee prints and then double the price. In some cases, this can cause those over painted prints to obtain a value that is out of proportion to the sales of original works by the same artist. Buyers and collectors beware! A print is still a print and the value you see needs to be justified by the price of the artists' original works and the practical comparative value of the print.
The old adage is still true. Buy what you like and like what you buy! I have never been disappointed by a piece of art that I have purchased that I simply bought because I liked it - regardless of value. Can it really be that simple?

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