Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What Happened to Art Reproductions?

As I travel and visit stores, galleries and frame shops, I am wondering - what happened to quality art reproductions. The world was crazy about great posters, Limited Edition prints, and small reproductions of all kinds.

Now "decorator" prints are found in Walmart and Home Depot, galleries and frame shops struggle to sell reproductions of fine art and ebay is crammed with people trying to sell work that no longer seems to have value.

Giclee prints - just another form of reproduction, albeit of great quality and often very faithful to the original, greeting cards and gift items form the bulk of reproductions available almost everywhere.

On one hand the world has returned to buying good quality original work - even from relatively unknown artists through the power of the internet and that is a Great Thing! But it does ask the question about where reproductions are headed. I would love to hear what both artists and collectors think the future holds.

I for one think that there will always be some market, but it certainly is changing and quality, the artist's reputation and style of work will bear a major part. More thoughts to come, I am sure........

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