Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Intial Thoughts about the "Business" of Art

I have resisted "blogging" for some time, even though it seems to be a great form of journaling and getting your thoughts down when you think of them - particularly in a fast-paced and digital world.
I have been working for over 25 years in the Art Business, as a gallery owner, picture frame dealer and somewhat framer, Publisher of Art Reproductions and artist agent. Along this path, I have come to respect the incredible diversity of art forms, expression and talent that we have in our world and how difficult it is for many incredible artists to gain recognition and respect for what they do. I have also seen many successes and have been grateful to be a part of seeing artists realize success from the response to their work.

I would like to put down in this blog some of the thoughts that I see in a very changing environment, brought on mainly by the digital age and our own lifestyles and demographics changing the course of how artists create, publish, display and sell their work.

I am fortunate to continue to be a part of this market through my company - Island Art and it's division - matshop.com, that works with and supports artists in many ways. I will try to be candid and direct in my observations and invite feedback. Hopefully we can generate some great discussions and opportunities as times change.

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