Sunday, June 13, 2010

Event, Award and Achievement Framing

One of the biggest reasons for personal framing is to mark those special events, awards or achievements whether your own or those of family and friends.

This could include graduation or other educational milestones, corporate and sales success, sports, music, the arts, etc.

We may not all have a World Cup or Stanley Cup or Top Salesperson award or certificate, but we all do have accomplishments and reached goals to celebrate.

Correctly matting and framing those captured events and triumphs will create something that you can treasure forever.

There are many options – but here are a few to consider.

  1. Special Certificate frames that highlight and enhance those awards and diplomas etc.
  2. Specially designed and cut “Sports Mats” that illustrate your sport and allow you to add individual and group photos.
  3. “Graduation” or “Milestone” collage mats that allow you to group together a series of photos depicting various years of school, consecutive events, consistently reached goals and more.

Your imagination is all you need to create these items and now it is not difficult to have these custom cut to your specifications.  Thanks to the MatShop for links to these products.

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