Thursday, November 6, 2008

Small is Beautiful

One of the great things about one current internet trend for artists is the creation of small works.  Although this is not something every artist can do – for many it has built careers while fuelling opportunities for many people to purchase original art who may have felt that an original by a talented artist was outside their economic reach.


You can find artwork for as low as $25.00 per painting on-line, and while the very same criteria applies to buying a work at this price as it does to something 100 times more costly – you can and will find great artwork by previously unknown artists.


Why the low cost?  For some it is the desire to paint regularly – even daily and to do so they generate small paintings – 6” by 6” on average.  Along with the prolific creation of these works, artists enjoy the challenge and experience of creating small gems – sometimes as studies for larger works, but often complete and finished fine art pieces in their own right.  A few artists have managed to build a career from beginning with small low priced works and now command gallery showings with much higher prices.  Imagine if you owned one of these small early paintings by a successful artist.


Also common is that artists who appreciate each other’s work will trade in order to build a collection of work they like from artists all over the world


So get out and explore and enjoy the selection of small paintings available on line.

Artwork courtesy of Patricia Arndt -

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