Saturday, October 11, 2008

Art in the Financial Meltdown

People are talking about the "Great Depression" as they listen to the dire news of the global credit meltdown. What role does art play in this time in history.
Looking back to the 30s will bring to mind some notable North American Artists such as Curry, O'Keefe and Hopper as well as Grant Woods - noted for the iconic "American Gothic".
The arts tends to thrive in times of uncertainty - although the financial rewards may not be immediately evident. Does this coincide with our desire to try to get a hold on something real, to touch the basics such as relationships and the meaning of life?
It will be interesting to see what this next decade brings in terms of art as it reflects and manifests the world and condition around us.


Ken Swinson said...

Art makes people feel good, which is desperately needed during times like these.

Myron D. Arndt said...

Very true, Ken.