Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Comfort of Visual Art

We were watching a movie the other night - where one of the main characters walks into a new apartment where they are to live on a temporary basis. The director wanted to ensure that the apartment - albeit furnished, as to look spartan and uninviting. There were the usual couch, chair, dining table and chairs, coffee table and lamp as well as some neutral curtains on the windows. So what made it seem so uninviting and cold? The absence of personality - most often exemplified by art on the walls, photos in frames on a table, shelf or wall, sculpture or floral arrangements.

Artwork Courtesy - Patricia D Arndt
When art is created there are many reasons but in the end they all contribute to pervading a space with personality, with an impact on our senses and a distinct feeling that we are not alone. This comfort is one of many benefits that those of us who do not create the art, take away from it. This should be an encouragement for artists, an incentive for all collectors and purchasers of art and one more pleasure to be gained by personal expression shared.

2 comments: said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and insight. I recently have made the decision to jump into the world of making art for profit, and I’m hoping that the water is deep enough! Without a degree behind me, the intimidation bug has hit me hard, but sites such as yours, turns those business suits into art lovers! Thanks for the blog!

Myron D. Arndt said...

Dear Kelly,
Thank you for your response. It is encouraging to see artists like yourself "take the plunge". There are some great resources on-line and I encourage you to keep reviewing some of the links we have put on the site and you will certainly find some pertinent information that will be valuable to you as you go ahead!
All the very best! Myron