Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Regardless of your opinion of resolutions, it seems we all secretly desire to make changes at the beginning of the year - call it a fresh start, clean slate, renewed energy - it all boils down to a desire for change. Perhaps the result of rest over the holiday season, encouragement from family and friends or just that understanding that time marches on - causes us to consider what will make the difference this year.

As an artist with a desire to make a business of your work this is a great time - while you have the motivation - to take some time for serious analysis. There are many tools that have been provided for personality testing, aptitude and interests, but to look at the business of art and how you fit in is such a specialized thing that it requires a different approach.

I would like to suggest three key areas to consider:

1. Your personality
How you function as a person - your personality - determines some of your strengths and weaknesses with regard to business. For example, if you are outgoing you might do fine selling yourself and your work - if not you might need a partner or sales representative.

2. Your work
How prolific you are, the range of work you create and thus the depth of the market around you for your work and where that market is may determine some of the directions you take in marketing.

3. Your resources
We all have resources at our disposal. One great tool is the internet for research, marketing, contact and communication etc. We also have family, friends, business aquaintances and their contacts that can add to our database of support.

Once you have looked at these three areas it may help you to put together a bit of a plan for what you are going to do and how.

For more information - see the evaluation worksheet that is part of a series on Reproducing and Marketing your work. Here is the link: Evaluation

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