Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Menu

As per last weeks post - I wanted to take time to spell out a possible menu of services that artists may want and expect from a publisher distributor and I am hoping that if anyone reads this, they might respond with ideas and comments.

Some of the possible menu items might be:
  • Your own website (developed for you by the Publisher and promoted by them- but also directly available to you for update, edit and promotion)
  • A "Portal" website where your existing website - tied to the publisher for promotion can be exposed.
  • Printing services - a place where you can get your printing of reproductions done at a reasonable price allowing you to wholesale and retail your work.
  • Framing services - as above - the access to low-cost materials, labour and options to allow you to re-sell your work
  • Fulfillment services - a place where you can count on the publisher to package, ship and ensure delivery for you of your work to a client.
  • Show Services - rental of trade show booths, available to you for local or national shows, shipping, framing, display and graphic material support. All the logistics to assist you in getting to and from a show venue and successfully displaying and selling your work - originals and/or reproductions.
  • Wholesale Distribution Services -where the publisher/distributor would stock some of your popular reproductions and sell them to retailers providing you with a commission.
  • Art Licensing - the opportunity for you to have someone represent you and arrange for license contracts with manufacturers etc - where the publisher would oversee and negotiate the contract on your behalf - ensure your royalties and/or fees were collected and paid to you and ensure the terms of the contract were adhered to.
  • Digital Services - Someone to work with to capture your work, digitize it at high quality and help you archive it as well as re-size as necessary for various projects.

Anyway - I am sure there are more - but here is a beginning list. Hopeing to hear from you!

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