Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Just because you can?

Today's professional graphic applications such as Adobe Photoshop are remarkably powerful and in the hands of a skilled user can create outstanding results. Even in the hands of those who cannot begin to fathom all of the uses and strengths of an application like that, a little experience can render images and composite effects that are very creative.
There is a whole new world that allows digital artists to create on LCD canvas and to share with the world a new perspective on photography and direct digital art.
There are also cautions. One of those is that what you see on the screen is not always what you get when trying to print the image. Unless there is also a good understanding of colour space, contrast, resolution, sharpening and more - you can create a wonderful screen image and get a very poor output result.
In other words - just because you can turn a photo of your dining room chair into a "quasi" watercolour painting using Photoshop's filters - does not mean that it will make a great reproduction or even that it will reproduce well.

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