Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to Choose Mat Colors for your Pictures - Part 2

1. Single Mat Choices When choosing a single mat to go around your images you need to realize that people looking at the picture will have their eyes drawn to the most visually stimulating area – usually the area of the picture with the greatest color, contrast or dominant focal point. If you choose a mat that overshadows this area, then you will hurt the presentation of the picture – no matter how well the mat color matches your wall or furnishings. Therefore – if choosing a single mat – use a color that compliments the image, does not fight with the colors in the image – or overshadow them, and allows you to step back from the picture and still see your eye drawn in to the focal point. Great choices for single mats are often simple clean colors such as whites, creams, very light greens, blues and grays.

"Time Passages" image by Calen Darnell - Terra Art Photos

Want to practice matting for free? Try the MatoMatic framing tool at You can upload your own picture or choose from one of their gallery images and try different mats and mat combinations, frames and even background wall colors while you design your own projects

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